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Project Description
Main goal of the project is to provide Semantic Annotations for WSDL and XML Schema (SAWSDL) implementation for WCF.

Based on awesome WCF extensibility. At the mean time it uses IWsdlExportExtension and IEndpointBehavior.

  • Export of Model Reference (modelReference) for WSDL port and operations (Implemented);
  • Export of Model Reference (modelReference) for XSD types (Planned);
  • Export of Schema Mapping (liftingSchemaMapping and loweringSchemaMapping) (Planned);
  • Routines that help analyze semantic annotations on WSDL (Planned);
  • Embedding Semantic Models into WSDL (Planned);
  • UDDI extensions (Planned);

SAWSDL on w3c -
SAWSDL Specification -
One of the Java implementations - SAWSDL4J -

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